A web browser game where player is shopping at the supermarket.

Table of Contents:

The Context / The Challenge / The Solution / The Retrospective

The Design Process:

  1. Research
  2. Define
  3. Design

The Context

Thankfully, COVID in Hong Kong has been pretty under control (at least compared to other places in the world). However, we weren't immune to the rush to stock up on supplies at the supermarket.

Aisle 1 is a game where the player is at a supermarket and has to click on items from the shelves that correspond with their grocery list.

The Challenge

Create a simple game with 3 states (splash screen, game, game over screen) and restart functionality using HTML, CSS, Javascript.

The Solution

Aisle 1 is a simple game where the player has to buy as many items that correspond with their grocery list within the time limit.

Deployed with Github.


The Design Process

1. Research

First, I looked at other games on the internet, like games I played on Neopets (Meerca Chase, Hassee Bounce) or Snake that used to be popular on Nokia phones.

I also researched classic arcade games from the '80s, using sites like this one.

The reason why I looked at these games is because they have simple winning and losing logic. Because of my tight timeline, I had to keep in mind that my game had to be something I could code in 2 days.

2. Define

When defining my idea, I thought about: