A responsive web app with fitness routines for busy people.

Table of Contents:

The Context / The Challenge / The Solution / The Retrospective

The Design Process:

  1. Understand
  2. Design

The Context

It's always difficult getting into new routines. Fitness and exercise can be a particularly challenging hurdle to overcome.

Common hurdles are: not having enough time, busy with work, not being able to keep up physically, or this is boring.

Fitted is a web app any user can pick up, find an exercise they love, and fit into their daily schedule.

This platform encourages users to start with exercises of any level, fitting in as little as a 5-minute routine into their schedules. It is welcoming, motivating, and holds users accountable to their own fitness goals.

This project was created as part of the UI specialization in CareerFoundry's UX Immersion course.




The Challenge

Motivate people into an exercise routine that suits their level, schedule, and interests.

The Solution

A tool that teaches users short exercise routines that can be integrated into their busy schedules, leading to healthier lifestyles.

The Design Process

1. Understand

For this project, I received a user persona, user stories, and some design requirements to reference.

After trying to empathize and understand the user, I focused on mapping out the features the app would have.

I was created user flows for satisfying user needs and goals.