A mobile application for the urban explorer, embarking on scavenger hunts for historical locations in their cities.

Table of Contents:

The Context / The Challenge / The Solution / The Retrospective

The Design Process:

  1. Research
  2. Define
  3. Design
  4. Validate

The Context

Have you ever walked around a city and wondered something like, "I wonder what it was like to walk on this street 50 years ago." Or heard things like, "did you know there's a secret train station underneath the Waldorf Astoria?"

History Hunt is a scavenger hunt app for curious, nostalgic adventurers.

Users can learn about their city's history and explore what it used to look like through fun, interactive, augmented reality experiences. This is an educational gaming app that can be tailored to each user while involving friends through competition and social sharing.

This project was created as part of CareerFoundry's UX Immersion course.


The Challenge

Enable players to enjoy social scavenger hunts for real objects and locations in their own cities.

The Solution

People learn through stories. By creating a fun, interactive experience involving stories of the past, this scavenger hunt app can motivate users to explore their cities around them.

The Design Process

1. Research